Happy 2019! Is this another new years resolutions post? Let’s not call it that since those seldom stick for me (or anyone for that matter I think).

This is the first year I start off as a freelancer. From what I read and hear around me, that means uncertainty, anxiety and much more. For me, that is not so much the case. I feel confident about finding new projects when needed and I look forward to learning new things in the following 12 months (and beyond).

Last year much of my time and energy went into the start of my freelance adventure. This year I want it to be about learning software testing skills and tools and work on my soft skills.

For starters I will finish the Udemy course on SoapUI. This means I need to refresh my memory on some functionality since it has been a little while since I last worked on this course. To make this specific: I want to use the first 2 weeks on 2019 to wrap up the Udemy SoapUI course.

Next up is the e-book Java for Testers by Alan Richardson. I picked this up last July as part of the Ministry of Testing challenge for 30 days of automation in testing. It was too much to finish then besides the daily challenges. I want to work hard at this and commit myself at least 5 days a week to reading/working through this book. That means I have worked through all of the book my the end of March (doing 2 chapters of the book per week).

Next up is going to be a course on Selenium and Cucumber. I plan to work on this throughout April and May. The course I am going to take for this is most likely from CodersCampus. I also have a Java, Selenium and Cucumber course on Udemy which I have taken partially in early 2018. There are some more alternatives for this incuding open source training material from Bas Dijkstra (ontestautomation.com) and training material from my previous employer where I took an excellent Selenium Webdriver course.

Next up or topics such as Maven, Git and Jenkins. I have worked with all of these but I want to get a bit more experience under my belt with them.

Also in my plan for 2019 are some extra certifications:

  • Professional Scrum Master II (Currently I am certified at level I)
  • ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst
  • ISTQB Advanced Test Manager

At the same time I want to use 2019 to further sharpen my soft and communication skills. I am considering joining toast masters meetups for this. At the same time I feel I can use some book-smarts on communication so I will probably take some time to read relevant books.

As mentioned, a very ambitious year. Of course it is only a plan and for many different reasons it can and will turn out different. I really want to take my programming, BDD, webbrowser automation and API testing knowledge and experience to a whole new level this year.