This post marks 50% of #30daysoftesting done, excellent!

Today’s challenge is:

Find, use and share your thoughts on a JavaScript testing tool

This is a tough one because honestly, I have very little JavaScript knowledge. I am going with a recommendation on Twitter for this, the Developer Tools (F12 in your browser). I have some experience using the Developer Tools, for various testing purposes, but it still holds many secrets from me.

Since I use Chrome I started my journey on the Chrome DevTools site.

For the sake of this article I am only going to dive into the Javascript related functionality. The ‘audit’  tab (FYI: tabs in Google Developer tools are also called ‘panels’) for example is not going to be part of my focus but I highly recommend you use it for f.e. accessibility or performance testing.

Anyway, for Javascript and Chrome Developer Tools the following pages are an interesting start:

Working through above 3 links, I learnt some interesting things about the Chrome Developer Tools. I would say it does not even cover the very surface, but it is a start.

Next suggestion would be to check out this YouTube crash course on Chrome DevTools.

I suggest you start checking out the Developer Tools on different websites you visit. See what you can find there and try to change some objects on those pages (or the colours of that website).

Happy debugging with this great Javascript test tool!