Find, use and share your thoughts on a visual testing tool.

This is the challenge for day 23 of #30daysoftesting.

In previous posts I referenced SikuliX and Applitools Eyes for visual testing. For the sake of adding more value with this post I will go with another tool.

It just so happens to be that I remember reading about Galen framework some time ago. Galen helps with automated testing of the look and feel of responsive websites.

Galen relies on Selenium Webdriver to control a browser. You open a browser, resize it to the desired testsize. Next, webdriver identifies specific elements on a page, getting the locations and dimensions. Once Galen finds an element that is not shown as expected, Galen reports the error, takes a printscreen and highlights the element that is not according to specification.

Check out this tutorial on getting started with Galen and running your first test. The video is also linked on the official Galen framework ‘docs’ page.

Happy testing!