Testing API’s is something I have done with SoapUI, Postman and Rest-Assured. Out of these 3 I am least experienced with Rest-Assured. Since I already used Rest-Assured for yesterday’s #30daysoftesting challenge I want to expand on that a little bit for today’s challenge, let’s call that ‘efficiency’. Anyway, the challenge of day 9 is:

Find, use and share your thoughts on an API testing tool.

So Rest-Assured it is. I actually found out about this tool via Bas Dijkstra in his workshop for Testnet. His workshop was excellent and he made it very clear what the added benefit of Rest-Assured is. For yesterday’s challenge I also played around a bit with Rest-Assured with the help of a great post by Angie Jones. Basically Rest-Assured brings the Gherkin syntax into Java with the purpose of REST API testing. The added value comes from the readability of your test code and being able to combine it with for example Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver and jUnit. That makes for one great framework when you get access to all those tools. It let’s you do unit, service-level and UI tests all from within 1 framework.

I recommend checking out the post by Angie Jones and Bas Dijkstra’s open-sourced workshop on Rest-Assured for more information. Clear instructions, crazy value and easy to get started!

Happy testing!