It is weekend, but the #30daysoftesting challenge goes on! Today is day 7:

How do you choose which tools to use in your testing?

Interesting question and I am sure there are many different opinions! Looking at different testing projects I often see job descriptions that specify a specific tool already (even when they ask for someone who sets up test automation from scratch, including the test strategy). I just realised that this is top of mind for me currently because Bas Dijkstra did a webinar for testcraft in which he mentions this.

I want to quote Bas Dijkstra again on something (I am a bit of a fan): Start your test automation with ‘why’. Actually I heard this ‘start with why’ from Simon Sinek first in his TED talk. Because I quoted these two, by no means do I mean to imply they think about tool decisions the same as I do.

So let’s fast-forward a little. You have determined the ‘ why’  of test automation in your project. Next is to ask the ‘what’ question, for example:

  • What do you want to automate?
  • What can you automate?
  • What tool knowledge do you and your team members have already?
  • What do we achieve by automating this or that?
  • What are our limitations when it comes to a test tool? (Pricing, type of system under test, available technologies, programming languages used)
  • What test activity benefits most from test automation?

All of these questions make up the input for the decision how we are going to implement test automation (which includes the tool choices).