Today’s task in #30daysoftesting:

Explore the automation thread on The Club and contribute to the conversation.

I decided to respond on the ‘evergreen’ question ‘Manual tester looking to move into automation – help required!

My response to the thread is below:

For the sake of adding more value to this thread, my 2 cents:

  1. Learn the basics of a programming language (java/c#/javascript/python/ruby are some suggestions).
  2. Find out about tools that work with that programming language and try them out.
  3. Write real basic code and scripts to perform certain tasks and keep thinking of small ways to expand on that.

The key being: just code. Don’t just follow along with tutorials but actually try to figure out how to solve programming problems yourself. (That does include lots of googling for solutions from others).

Find a type of resource that works for you. For example:

  1. Mooc’s, for example:, edx, coursera
  2. Udemy (I like it because of the fairly low pricing and the 10/15 minute average video length)
  3. Books. If that is your thing, pick one up. Plenty of suggestions to be found now with the 30 days of automation testing.
  4. Apps – f.e. sololearn or grasshopper
  5. Webbased sites like codecademy or freecodecamp