This challenge just keeps flying by. I cannot believe it is 10 days already. Today’s task:

Delete an automated check from your current checks and share why you chose the one you deleted.

As they say, ‘less is more’. So let’s apply that to the suite of automated checks.

These are some of my considerations:

  • Delete a check on something that has never failed and is not likely to fail
  • Delete a check on a low impact feature
  • Delete a brittle check
  • Delete a really slow check
  • Delete a check that’s implemented on the wrong level (f.e. UI instead of API-level)

I decided to go with the last option, the checkon the wrong level. I have a check that navigates through the UI to run certain tasks (to clean up log files, run reports etc). Those same tasks can much more easily be executed and checked at the API level, which is where I will move them now.