Today’s #30daysoftesting challenge is more time consuming than some of the previous challenges. Also for me this challenge is on a Sunday which means I cannot demo it immediately. That will have to wait a few days. I can however prepare everything I want to demo and share a blogpost on it here. This is today’s challenge:

Demo some of your automation to ʻnon-technicalʼ members of your team.

I have prepared a little script that combines Cucumber with Rest-Assured. If you have been reading along you most likely are aware that I recently attended a workshop on Cucumber which I was very enthusiastic about. Previously I have done a Rest-Assured workshop which also was nothing short of amazing. I want to combine these two tools and demo what I can do with them.

Fortunately there is a great article by Angie Jones on her website that describes how it can be done.

Actually working on this challenge made me realise that I can build a tool that will help with one of my team members greatly when it comes to doing configuration on the application (on the API level). That is defitely a huge bonus I got out of the #30daysoftesting challenge.

For now, done with today’s challenge, later this week I am going to demo my automation.