#30daysoftesting day 30! Yes, the last day (although there is a bonus challenge after this which I want to take as well.

If you could create any test tool, what would that tool do?

The test tool I would want to create is actually not directly a test tool. Automation in testing is still something many software testers are not comfortable with. I would have a test tool that would take the user through a step-by-step process to get a solid framework set up that ensures a solid, robust framework.

Rather than relying on tutorials from the very start for each separate functionality, you can get someone setup quickly with a framework with for example: Java, Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver and a test reporting tool (depending on whatever they selected to be a part of their framework).

It does not have to be limited to Java, it can alternatively be a Javascript oriented tool with Mocha and Chai and/or jMeter for example.

Working from a solid foundation you can quickly get up and running with a basic testsuite by copying some examples that are provided. Digging a little deeper through more advanced tutorials would be a next step, but just getting a basic framework up and running in a couple of hours would be a great motivation for many aspiring test automation engineers.

I love open-source so my tool would definitely be open-source (not to say I would not include a premium version). Of course premium test tools could be supported as well. Whatever helps testers get a robust test framework up and running that suits their project, product or company.

Happy testing!