#30daysoftesting day 25. Today’s topic:

Share what actions you take to make your automation maintainable.

There is actually a great thread on this on the Club of Ministry of testing, check it out here.

First thing that comes to mind when it comes to maintainability of automation is separating your framework from your test data, but there is more:

  1. Separating test data from the test framework. There are plenty of free examples available that are really good. For example Bas Dijkstra has a great framework available on his Github account for Webdriver, Cucumber and I believe jUnit and Rest-Assured. I have also seen some great automation framework posts on the blog of Angie Jones. Same with Nikolay Advolodkin from UltimateQA.com
  2. Documentation of test automation code and clear and concise descriptions.
  3. Follow coding standards. Test automation code is code as much as application code. (Think: KISS and DRY standards to name some).
  4. Work on creating a stable test environment.

That summarizes how I feel on this topic, at least in a nutshell.