Find, use and share your thoughts on a mobile testing tool

Already on day 26 of 30 days and still going strong. A mobile testing tool.

I have some prior experience with mobile testing, both with apps and mobile websites (responsive and adaptive).

Mobile testing tools I use are mostly based around testing the API behind the apps, for example:

Postman, SoapUI  by Smartbear and Charles Proxy, check out this article on mobile testing with Charles Proxy. In addition I used to use a user agent switcher plugin for my firefox browser. That allowed me to view a website in the resolution and screensize combination in my browser. Not a perfect solution, but when you do not have a physical device handy, it can be the next best thing. You want to find a config file to extend the default devices in the user agent switcher with many extra devices so that you can get better device coverage.

Besides these tools I know Appium exists but I never used it myself. Reading through the thread for day 26 on ministry of testing, I see many people recommending Katalon.

It really depends on what you want to achieve with mobile testing. A tool like Appium together with Katalon seems worth investigating if you are looking for a more extensive mobile testing approach.

Happy mobile testing