Begin reading an automation related book and share something you’ve learnt by day 30.

This is the task for today for the #30daysoftesting challenge. Luckily I kept a (short) list of ‘books to read’. I’ll pick one of the following books to read this month:

  • Experiences of test automation – Dorothy Graham
  • Java for Testers – Alan Richardson
  • Selenium design patterns and best practices – Kovalenko
  • A practical guide to testing in devops – Katrina Clokie
  • The Phoenix Project – Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, George Spafford

These books are all on my list for various reasons. The reason I am starting on one of them now is of course the 30 days of testing challenge.

For me it is important to work on a solid foundation of my knowledge, experience and skills. From that standpoint I believe Java for Testers comes closest to my goals for now. Next pick would probably be experiences of test automation, followed by Selenium design patterns and best practices or the practical guide to testing in devops. Not sure where to put the Phoenix Project in my list. Probably right before or right after Katrina Clokie’s book.


Anyway, so far my brief summary of how I look at this. For now: Java for testers it is! I look forward to getting started on this. Going by my definition of test automation (yesterday’s task in the #30daysoftesting challenge) I believe this should help me with creating my own tools for assisting me in my testing efforts.