Day 21, this is not an easy challenge:

Try and speed up your automated checks execution time, and share what you tried

First thoughts that come to mind are:

  1. Run tests concurrently to speed up the total test runtime.
  2. Run tests on a lower level (move UI to API or API to unit).

Whatever works best depends on the context. How many tests you run in total, what is your application like? Are there certain bottlenecks that slow testing down tremendously which you can skip?

In my case I will implement both options  for my current project. Since the software I am currently testing consists of completely different parts that can easily run alongside each other, there is no point to not run these tests concurrently.

Regarding point 2, moving tests to a lower level. I am going to have to take a look if there are any possibilities. Of course this challenge comes on a (very sunny!) weekend rather than a workday.

Happy testing!