One of the first challenges in #30daysoftesting was to pick a book related to automation in testing. I picked ‘Java for Testers by Alan Richardson‘. As I found out it was not the easiest pick. It requires a lot of work at the computer, writing tests. This is also what makes this book such a great choice!

So in this past month I  managed to finish the first 8 chapters of the book. For me, a great result.

Around chapter 6 I noticed things become increasingly complex to me and the book becomes a bit more demanding in terms of the effort I have to put in.

What I learnt so far:

  • Practice makes perfect when it comes to coding. The exercises in the book are great!
  • A book is an excellent way for me to learn. I enjoy working through this from beginning to end.
  • I greatly value the emphasis on coding standards/practices.
  • The book is written for software testers – making it incredibly useful and relevant for me.

What I learnt in the first 7 chapters of the book:

  • Installing the necessary software to program in Java
  • Creating classes,
  • Writing methods,
  • Writing @Test methods,
  • Constructors,
  • Fields,
  • If else statements
  • (for) loops

What comes next in the book?

  • Collections
  • Exceptions
  • Inheritance
  • jUnit
  • Random data
  • Dates and times
  • Properties and property files
  • Math and BigDecimal
  • and more…

A great book and I am definitely going to finish it. I highly recommend any testers looking to get into Java, to pick up a copy of the book and get started. It will surely help you build a solid foundation. Compared to some other resources I have used, the quality of this book is absolutely brilliant.