Hi there and welcome,

My name is Toine. I work as a freelance software tester in the Netherlands.


Up-to-date information on my work experience, skills and availability is available on my LinkedIN.

For my work as a software tester I am studying hard to advance in the more technical aspects of the field. I find that fun, enjoyable and also very challenging. I can honestly say that learning these new skills is my number one hobby. Many hours per week after work and sometimes even a bit on the weekends, you can find me grinding away on my computer, studying software testing tools, programming languages, test processes and more.

Besides that I also spend a fair amount of time every day driving to and from work during which I often listen to software testing and progrrelated podcasts. As you can see I am very passionate about my work as a software tester.

The primary goal with my website is sharing my enthusiasm about all the things I work on and learn about. At the same time, maybe you get value out of it, like a nice new resource for learning something new.

Of course there is more to life than work. I live in the Netherlands together with my wonderful girlfriend and our daughter and son. They motivate and inspire me to always be my best self.

Life is ridiculously fun with family and work. If I get the chance I love being out by/on/in the water. Reach out to me if you want to talk about software testing or programming, maybe even over drinks!