After completing my previous lecture on Java collections, I had time left to also watch the lecture on Java operators.

I have been at this ‘learning’ Java thing for a little while now. Operators do not intimidate me (anymore).

< > != == && || and some more, are things I immediately understand.

Ternary operators may be something people find slightly more complex at first sight but they just offer a convenient and short way to control your code flow.

Most complex is when you start adding in multiple != (NOT EQUAL TO) operators in your code. Try to stay away from these (at least from using multiple in one function).

Just a very brief summary. This stuff does not excite me too much, at least not the way it was discussed and presented in this lecture. Maybe I run into some new challenges with this in the future? Who knows…

Some recommended resources on Java operators:

How to program with Java

Oracle documentation

Derek Banas YouTube video on operators

The lecture I followed on Java operators is from CodersCampus, which is a paid service.