If you spend a fair amount of your time on the road, traveling to and from work, you can make great use of that time by listening to podcasts. I do not always feel like listening to the radio or Spotify. At these times a podcast is a great alternative.

I listen to the following podcasts and I highly recommend each one of them:


TestTalks | Automation Awesomeness

This really is a great show! As a software tester, this will get you enthusiastic about test automation. Every week Joe interviews a new guest. I enjoy the structure of the interviews and the tips of his guests are great. In general the people Joe interviews are people who are very active in the software test (automation) community and they are interesting to follow on social media or their blogs. Episodes are around 30-35 minutes long.


Quality Remarks

Only recently I discovered the podcast of Keith Klain and it is a definite favorite of mine. The focus of his show is more on quality management. What makes his show so enjoyable is Keith’s fun and relaxed approach. Keith and his guests are always laughing and it’s a very interesting and fun conversation to listen to.

Keith invites great guests on his show and the episodes are a bit longer, around the 1 hour mark.


Security Now

Another recent addition, recommended to me by colleagues is Security Now by Steve Gibson. This is a long podcast that discusses a lot of information in the security field. I suggest you give it a try to find out if it is for you. Steve does a great job at discussing security topics that are in the news and he covers a lot of ground each episode. The episodes are around 2 hours each and are truly packed with information.

Simple Programmer

The Simple Programmer blog and podcast of John Sonmez are about helping developers improve their career and live better lives. Sometimes the topics are about tech/coding but it even touches subjects like relationships. It makes for an easy-listening podcast to listen to when you don’t want to consume something too in-depth. I also highly recommend the Simple Programmer blog. New posts are added (almost) daily.  Episodes range from 10-60 minutes in length.

STP Radio

This podcast is by Software Test Professional. Really all things software testing here. Requirements, automation, BDD  & much, much more. Not a podcast that has ever stood out for me, but the variety of topics do make that I keep it around. Many episodes are with (keynote) speakers of STPCon. Episodes are of varying length, 20-60 minutes.

Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing is one of my favorite resources for testing information. Their blog feed is brilliant as are many of the articles in their dojo. For their podcast they have some awesome guests. Episodes are mostly 15-30 minutes.

Learn to Code With Me

Obviously this podcast by Laurence Bradford is not a testing related podcast. It is entirely about coding, or to be more specific, interviews with guests who work in IT. How did they get in IT and what is their specific role. Talks are not technical, I would sooner classify them as entrepreneurial or focused on learning/personal development. Each episode is around 30 minutes long.


Another fun podcast that is about coding but not too technical. Codenewbie host Saron talks to different people who work in IT development. . Easy to digest and the sense of community I get from this, keeps me motivated to stick to learning coding (same as with LearnToCodeWith.me podcast).Most episodes are between 30 and 45 minutes long.


How to Program with Java / Coders Campus

If you feel like really want to discuss the technical basics of Java programming (or Javascript), this is for you. Trevor Page is an excellent host who manages to explain Java programming in such a way that it even comes across over audio only. With each episode also comes a blog post on his website including homework assignments. I am a big fan of Trevor, I actually went on to purchase his coderscampus lifetime subscription. He also offers a fair amount of information for free. Episodes are 30-45 minutes in length.


If you have an addition to this list of podcasts, let me know! I am sure there are some gems around that I am missing out on.

On a side note: I recently started using Overcast (on my iPhone) instead of the default podcast player. Creating playlists, prioritizing podcasts and easy fast-forwarding make the podcast experience even better.