Next week on July 4th the Testnet summer workshops take place in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

With a varied programme of industry experts it looks to be a promising event. After having missed some interesting events earlier this year due to holidays (test automation day being the main one) I am very excited to visit the Testnet summer workshops this year.

The Testnet summer workshops I am attending

The workshops I will be attending are:

  1. ‘ CI/CD Pipeline with Jenkins and automated testing in OpenShift‘.
  2. ‘Expanding testautomation opportunities with image recognition. A workshop on working with Sikuli‘.
  3. ‘ How to Cuke up your tests (with Cucumber)’.

A varied and interesting selection on topics to learn about and work with.

CI/CD with Jenkins is not new to me but automated testing in OpenShift is, so that makes it a great opportunity to broaden my knowledge.

Image recognition testing is a new subject for me and I look forward to finding out how and where it fits in.

Cucumber is something I worked with previously but only to a limited degree. I really look forward to this session since it is a great tool to collaborate more closely with the people on the business side. I know the Gherkin syntax is important in Cucumber. Gherkin really resonates with people in different roles and I love how it quickly makes it easy for me and other testers to get started on testing software.

So, what next?

I’ll follow up with a new blogpost on these workshops and link some interesting resources for these tools after the workshops.